My name is Nicole Kelly. Isaac’s PowerHouse was started by myself and my husband, Isaac Kelly, Sr. following the death of out firstborn son, Isaac Jr. The Powerhouse model was born out of our realization in the midst of grieving our son that,

1) the Lord carried us through our storm because of out faithfulness and commitment to him,

2) that all things are truly possible through His strength and power and that

3) we were most fortunate to have a community of support during the one of the most trying time of our lives.

It dawned upon us during our storm that we had what others often lacked in times of crisis; a community of people who cared about us enough to make sure that our needs were taken care of in our time of need, a community of people willing to give of themselves to make our load a little lighter, and most importantly, a community of caring individuals who were willing to take responsibility for us at a time when we were unable to stand alone.

The vision of Isaac’s PowerHouse is about utilizing a community approach to support our children in all aspects of their development. It is about giving children the benefit of Christian mentorship to guide them in their most critical developmental periods. The PowerHouse vision is about leading by example. It is not about perfection, it is about undertaking the joint task of doing better for our families and ourselves by expecting more. It is about supporting children, and providing support services to parents as well.


To promote the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, professional and academic development of at-risk youth populations and their families through Christian mentorship, crisis counseling, and community activities.


The work of Isaac’s PowerHouse is divided into four components:

  • The Benjamin School
  • The Parent Powerhouse
  • The Powerhouse Mentoring Program
  • The Weekly PowerHour