Isaac’s House is an after-school program for middle and high-school aged children created to promote a structured learning environment after school hours where children can take advantage of tutoring, professional mentorship, intramural sports, arts workshops and an extended study hall. Isaac’s House will be a community house run by and for the community it serves. Athletic coaches, academic tutors, professional mentors and artistic workshop instructors will be members of the community who volunteer their expertise as their schedules permit. In addition to volunteer efforts, Isaac’s House will rely on the older students it services to provide mentorship and other assistance to the younger student population: Leadership will be taught by example.


powersports kids

PowerSports is an after-school and weekend intramural sports program for children seeking development in the fundamentals required for competitive sports. Children are taught the fundamentals of cardiovascular activities, flexibility basic weight training and the foundations for diet and wellness. During the course of the year, PowerSports team members take part in community run/walks and take part in baseball, football, soccer, volleyball and basketball matches. PowerSports team members will also have the opportunity to participate in group sports outings in tandem with the Powerhouse Mentorship Program.


powerart girl

PowerArts is the name of the Isaac’s House program dedicated to exposing children to the arts. PowerArts participants take part in many PowerHouse Mentoring Program activities, such as museum outings, lectures, outings to local plays and concerts, both musical and theatric.

PowerArts is also responsible for the annual Isaac’s House Wordsmiths Competition, where young poets, rappers, debaters and other orators compete for the coveted Powerhouse Wordsmiths Cup.


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PowerHall is a daily study hall held at the PowerHouse where children can do their homework, read and receive tutoring in a quiet and comfortable setting.



The PowerHouse Mentoring Program was designed for the encouragement of children who need direction and focus in their lives. The Program pairs Christian mentors with children who are identified by schools, churches, courts and community contacts as in the need of grounding and direction in their lives.

Because we do not yet have a facility to base our day-to-day operations, we have divided our function into two phases. In the first phase, activities involving mentors and mentees will take the form of mentors and mentees meeting for one hour per week of physical activity, carried out in public facilities and the facilities of our community partners. These facilities will include, but not be limited to, local parks, fitness tracks and various gym facilities.

The second phase of the Powerhouse will take place in a central facility, complete with a chapel, gym, theater space, a dance facility, classroom space, rooms for tutoring and a multipurpose area where workshops and meetings can take place on a regular basis. The Mentorship program will also coordinate outings in tandem with the Isaac’s House Program to local eateries, sporting events, concerts, museums and other local attractions.

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Interested in mentoring?
We make it easy!
Meet with one child, one hour, once a week. That's four hours a month. It can take the form of two hours, twice a month or four hours once a month. If your mentorship takes the form of tutoring a child, you may even choose to meet with a mentee twice a week for 30 minutes...the possibilities are endless!!!

Not sure how to proceed?
Don't worry! You commit, we will do the rest.
A mini workshop at the beginning of our time together will prepare you for the important task ahead. Workshops are conducted regularly, simply click the calendar tab for information on the next session and location.

Never mentored a child before?
All it takes is a willingness to take part in a child's life.
Mentorship with the Powerhouse is based on the Biblical principle of seeking to please God in all of our endeavors and cherishing the many gifts he has bestowed upon us. It is a commitment to glorify him in all aspects of our lives; from preserving our bodies through exercise, to training our minds through academic study, to using our natural talents for the enrichment of ourselves, and others, to renewing our strength through prayer.

Not sure if you can lead a child academically, physically, socially, spiritually or in the development of a talent or life skill?
Do not worry, we will show you how you can do all of these things through the God who strengthens you! Remember, you are never alone! All we need be is willing, He makes us able!


What will my first activity be?
Once you have attended your mini-workshop, you will be ready to participate in the activities of the Powerhouse! The first activity of any Powerhouse mentor and mentee will be meeting for some sort of exercise; a workout at a local gym, a walk (or run) around the track or in a park, a mall PowerWalk, the possibilities are endless! All current mentoring opportunities are in the Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area.

What if I am out of shape? Not to worry!
There is no better way to help yourself and help a child by than by being a healthy example. Ailments resulting from a lack of childhood exercise and activity are at astronomical levels. There is no better way to start taking care of yourself than being an example of the determination to improve our God-given bodies. Just choose a type of exercise that is manageable for you. Be assured that the value will come as much from the meeting as the exercise!

What other types of activities can we do? Can we choose?
Once a mentor and mentee are paired together through the Powerhouse, activities matching the interests of the participants will be provided. If there is a sponsored activity available, the Powerhouse staff will inform the participants. Otherwise, participants will be given activities that can be done free of charge. Mentors and mentees can always suggest activities that are of common interest as long as they are approved by the Powerhouse staff.


How do I get started?
Click the "Contact Us" tab to send an e-mail expressing your interest in the PowerHouse program. The PowerHouse staff will then send you an e-mail containing a questionnaire for you to fill out. Once your questionnaire is reviewed by PowerHouse staff, you will be contacted for a brief interview (this can usually be scheduled on the date of the Mentoring Workshop). Once you have participated in your Mentoring Workshop, you will be contacted with your first mentoring assignment.

Is there any financial cost to me?
Absolutely not. Your only cost is the time commitment. While the Powerhouse centers around activities that are free of cost, occasionally a Powerhouse donor will make it possible for sponsored activities to take place. You will be informed if such an opportunity is available to you.

How are Mentees identified?
Some Mentees will be identified by parents, coaches or teachers who think that a Powerhouse mentorship would be beneficial for a child. Some Mentees will participate on their own based on their interest in the program. On occasion, Mentors will identify children who they think would benefit from the program and refer them to the Powerhouse staff.

Ready to make a commitment?
All current mentoring opportunities are in the Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia area. Click the "Mentoring Workshops" tab to see what being a PowerHouse mentor entails.

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