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The Benjamin School was founded in 2009 by Nadia and Kenya Galloway, the Godparents of Isaac Jr., and the parents of Benjamin Galloway. Benjamin Galloway faced tremendous hurdles since the age of 18 months when he was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). Like a lot of parents faced with this heart-wrenching diagnosis, the Galloways had two options, to lie down and accept Benjamin’s diagnosis as final, or to stand up and be proactive about his condition. The Galloways responded to Benjamin’s diagnosis by conducting independent research about what their child's individual needs were and seeking to find out what some of the underlying issues causing his condition could be. They vowed as a couple to pray and never to take "not possible" as an answer when it came to Benjamin’s ability to progress

Regarding their efforts, Nadia wrote, “Through my journey with Benjamin I realized that without taking the ‘whole child’ wellness approach my child would not have made the strides that he has today. Through early intervention and the determination that (PDD) would not be Benjamin's life sentence, we wrote our own prescription one that consisted of changing his diet, never taking the one-size-fits-all approach and to utilizing all repositories for new research resources on Benjamin’s condition. We had to take time to discover what his natural talents were and embrace them. We had to expose him to those things that some medical doctors said he would never learn. Benjamin's journey, though a trying one at times, proved to be successful. Benjamin has overcome all of the hurdles that he previously faced and has taught us some very valuable life lessons. Most importantly, he reaffirmed our belief and faith in Jesus Christ.

Isaac, Jr.'s passing inspired us to put The Benjamin School dream in context and motivated us to bring it into fruition. We realized that our son’s journey was one that may not be possible for other children, simply because they lack the resources, or because their caretakers lack the time or knowledge to give them the education and attention custom-tailored to their needs. Isaac Jr.'s passing revealed to us the overwhelming power of Christ in our families’ lives and allowed us to turn tragedy into triumph.

Because we understand that everyone does not have the resources to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, we have created The Benjamin School to inspire, educate and provide the resources to help each and every child to be successful mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Imagine a school that nourishes a child’s spirit, and encourages him to learn using innovative teaching strategies, and a performing-arts based curriculum that celebrates each child’s individuality, thereby preparing them for the “world's stage.

The Benjamin School is that place; a learning center that takes the “whole child approach” at an early age. It is a school that teaches mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness and balance. It is a school that helps parents and children alike to make the world’s impossibilities a child’s best opportunities. Most importantly it is an educational center that proves that through Christ, all things are possible.”

about us

The Benjamin School was founded by in 2009 by Christian educators, artists and community activists seeking to utilize a performing arts and faith-centered curriculum to prepare a child for the world’s stage. The Benjamin School serves children from birth-12 years of age. The curriculum at the Benjamin School is designed to draw out the unique capabilities of each student. The staff at the Benjamin School believes that every child has an individual learning style that can be discovered through exposure to the arts during the early developmental years. We believe that children who are introduced to education through the arts in a nurturing, safe, and loving environment where artistic expression, personal responsibility and individualism are celebrated will achieve at their highest potentials. The Benjamin School endeavors to infuse students with self-esteem, a team player-mentality and confident self-expression. The Benjamin School is committed to providing premiere educational services to all students, utilizing a cutting-edge and Christ-centered approach to education.


To create a nurturing, safe, loving, and Christian environment that will prepare each child for the world’s stage intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually while developing a life-long love for learning.



The Benjamin School believes in a learning environment that is filled with music, singing, instrumental instruction, dancing, introduction to foreign languages, introduction to sports and fitness, and theater. We utilize a meaningful and developmentally appropriate curriculum that sparks a child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder, while enhancing his or her motivation to learn.

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  • A loving, safe, nurturing Christian environment
  • A bright, clean and well-appointed room
  • Daily bi-lingual circle (English and Spanish)
  • Daily devotion
  • Daily Music programs
  • Science, Arts and Crafts
  • Daily Dramatic Play (Theatre)
  • Activities and games designed to promote play
  • Outdoor play to promote gross motor skills
  • Extensive Reading Programs that begin at pre-birth
  • Low Child/Teacher ratios
  • Experienced teachers
  • Daily written reports to share with parent(s)

children served

The Benjamin School has a strong commitment to diversity. Its open door policy embraces all who desire to provide a better quality of care, preparedness and education for their children. The Benjamin School works to provide premium caregiving and education utilizing a broad range of integrated programs. The Benjamin school mandates innovative learning approaches. We serve children from birth to 5 years old despite religious preference, national origin, race, sex, mental or physical disabilities and socioeconomic status. The staff at the Benjamin School believes that all children are capable of learning and are equipped with natural talents that are waiting to be discovered.


We invite you to take part in The Benjamin School experience. We believe in order to develop the “whole” child we must address all of the child’s needs. The Benjamin school strongly believes that this starts at home with a child’s family life. One of the distinct differences at The Benjamin School is that we offer support services to the children and families that we serve. The Benjamin school feels that it is imperative for a child to feel nurtured and supported at school, at home and within their community. Each Benjamin School family, once enrolled in our program, will be assigned a Parent Power Officer. Together the PPO and the family will assess the family’s needs well as their goals and develop a plan. Services will be offered through Parent Power or referred to a community partner or agency.

Conferences are scheduled monthly to discuss progress, or you may request one at any time. The Benjamin School offers ParentPower classes in parenting, prenatal care, nutrition, ESL (English as a second language), GED classes, career counseling, one-on-one counseling, spiritual counseling, and Parent Advocate workshops. Parents, and Grandparents are welcomed to utilize these services.

The Benjamin School also hosts fun outings and events at the school to encourage family to “pray together” and “play together.” We believe that these events help families grow closer together and create positive home environments for the children that they serve.

A healthy family + A happy family = A healthy, happy child ready to learn!

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